Dallas, TEXAS (November 5, 2019)–PointClickCare is expanding its commitment to ensuring customers can share clinical information with hospitals and other care team members by giving its customers access to Carequality, a trusted exchange framework to enable interoperable data exchange between and among health data sharing networks and systems, as part of their base subscription. The company announced the news at its ninth annual PointClickCare SUMMIT, which claims to be the industry’s largest vendor-hosted gathering of senior care professionals in North America.

“We have entered into a new normal in senior care and providers simply need to share data in order to drive better health outcomes,” said PointClickCare President Dave Wessinger. “Our decision to make this investment is rooted in our desire to lead by example, raising the bar for other vendors to follow suit and do the right thing in the interest of driving better quality outcomes for providers and the seniors they care for. The scale of our customer footprint enables us to make a material impact on the lives of millions of patients and empowering our customers to actively share and exchange data bi-directionally across networks is, in our opinion, a game changer.”

PointClickCare represents the largest long-term and post-acute care network in North America, supporting over 60% of all skilled nursing facilities and over 10,000 senior living and assisted living communities. In the last year alone, more than 2 million patient records flowed through PointClickCare’s system, and over 1.4 million residents are managed every day on its platform. Its engagement with Carequality is an extension of the company’s strategy to help its customers connect and communicate across their networks and access the insights they need to achieve better care outcomes.

As a function of supporting customer access to other Carequality-enabled providers, PointClickCare is enhancing its data exchange platform to allow more dynamic and real-time updates about patients as they move through the care continuum. The objective is to connect, send-receive information, and automate admission workflows to help senior care teams ensure more seamless continuity of care for their patients through quickly reconciled medications, diagnoses, and more, with the ultimate goal of reducing readmissions and driving care plans forward.

“PointClickCare is known for providing technology that allows customers to better service their patients and residents through greater access to data, insights, and connected experiences across the care continuum,” said BJ Boyle, vice president and general manager of Post-Acute Insights at PointClickCare. “We believe connecting our customers to the Carequality framework as part of their base subscription enables a more robust sharing of patient data across a diverse care ecosystem, ultimately ensuring patients receive the right services and treatment plans based on their care episodes. As we build the automated solution, we are excited to provide access to customers who wish to opt into Carequality, supporting true optimization of patient care amongst the largest community of senior care providers on a single platform.”

PointClickCare Technologies Inc., helps senior care providers gain the confidence they need to navigate the new realities of value-based healthcare--achieving preferred status in competitive and shrinking networks, optimizing financial and operational health, attracting and retaining the right staff, and connecting to the right partners and insights needed to effectively manage and mitigate risk. Recognized by Forbes as one of the Top 100 Private Cloud Companies and acknowledged by KLAS Research as Best in KLAS Vendor for Long-term Care, PointClickCare leads the way in creating cloud-based environments where providers, patients, and payers eliminate data silos between care settings, connecting stakeholders to meaningful insights. With a suite of fully-integrated applications powered by an interoperable, mobile friendly, and regulatory-compliant electronic health record and revenue cycle management platform, PointClickCare helps care providers connect and collaborate within their care network. For more information, please visit www.pointclickcare.com.