LEHIGH VALLEY, Penn. (August 6, 2018)—Uni-flo2 Single-nasal Cannula System (Uni-flo2), a new patient-centric solution that ensures continuous oxygen flow equivalent to the low flow dual-pronged cannula but with half the skin contact, points to its benefits for COPD patients whose symptoms tend to worsen with the onset of seasonal allergies. A study published in the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine found that patients with COPD and seasonal allergies were more likely to exhibit symptoms of wheezing, chronic coughing and phlegm build-up. These individuals were also more likely to visit the doctor for reasons related to their COPD condition.

“Exposure to an allergen often narrows the airways and increases mucus production, putting COPD patients with respiratory allergies at a greater risk for a flare-up and making breathing more difficult,” says Campbell Cauthen, Registered Respiratory Therapist and co-inventor, Uni-flo2. “The Uni-flo2 discreet, lightweight single cannula offers patients relief during allergy season by reducing the irritation to the nostrils already inflamed by the allergic response.”

“The last thing that COPD patients with allergies need is the uncomfortable tubing from a dual- prong cannula pressing into the cheek, pulling on the ears and noosing under the chin,” Cauthen adds. “The design of Uni-flo2 Single Nasal Cannula eliminates these issues, increasing comfort levels throughout the day and night.”

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