WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 13, 2019)—As part National Aging in Place Week events, the National Aging in Place Council (NAIPC) published a new handbook titled The Costs of Aging that is available to the public for free on the ageinplace.org website.

This new tool to help older adults and their families make plans for later life goes hand-in-hand with NAIPC Chapters’ seminars this week on Paying for Aging in Place. Seminars featuring experts on aging in-home and complementary services are scheduled around the country.

The Costs of Aging Handbook presents descriptions of the needs of aging and data showing estimated costs of housing and home modification, healthcare and caregiving, personal finance and planning, transportation and social engagement.

Among the information included in the 36-page handbook is:

  • The costs of a menu of home modifications for more convenient aging, including ramps, stair glides, grab bars, and adding ground floor master bedroom suites and bathrooms;
  • The costs associated with Medicare supplements, as well as permitted uses of Medicare, Medicare Advantage and Medicaid;
  • The costs of car ownership and usage vs. the use and availability of public transportation; and
  • The costs of working with a variety of financial advisors.

The handbook helps older Americans and their families assess what they are going to need and the seminars will help them find and best utilize the financial resources to fulfill those needs. The seminars will also provide the content for an accompanying handbook on Paying for Aging in Place that NAIPC plans to publish in 2020.

To view The Costs of Aging Handbook, please visit ageinplace.org.