WASHINGTON, D.C., May 23, 2013—As of this date, AAHomecare welcomes 155 new members from NAIMES as full paid members of the associations. Wayne Stanfield, former president and CEO of NAIMES and now vice president of provider relations for AAHomecare, and Tyler J. Wilson, president of AAHomecare, extend a warm welcome to these companies. These 155 companies that were NAIMES members, but not members of AAHomecare now are full AAHomecare members for the rest of 2013, regardless of when their dues were paid. These companies can then renew their membership to AAHomecare for 2014 at 75 percent of the effective rate for their size company.

All of these companies will receive a mail pack with membership details, certificate, and other information in the near future. They will also be added to the email blast list for AAHomecare newsletter and updates.

According to Stanfield, “I want to personally thank all of our members for their support over the past six years. We now start a new era of unity with NAIMES and AAHomecare joining forces to fight for the future of suppliers across the country. NAIMES accomplished many of its goals, and now we have merged those goals with those of AAHomecare to build a stronger association. I pledge to continue to fight for each of you as I have for the past.  Our voice in stronger now, but no less focused on the independent supplier community that is both the majority of the DME industry and the majority of AAHomecare members.” Go online to www.aahomecare.org.