SAN FRANCISCO (November 4, 2022)—Myia Health, an enterprise predictive analytics and virtual health care delivery platform, has announced a collaboration with DispatchHealth, a comprehensive in-home, high-acuity medical care provider, to give its clinicians continuous remote monitoring capabilities for patients enrolled in DispatchHealth’s Advanced Care program, the organization’s hospital substitution model. The partnership will help clinicians identify adverse changes in their patients’ health sooner and intervene earlier.
Myia’s platform offers access to near real-time information on patients’ vital signs, physiological biometrics and symptoms. This stands in contrast to other remote monitoring solutions, which rely on episodic data that can generate erroneous alerts and paint an incomplete picture of a patient's health.
“Providing clinicians with near real-time updates on a patient's status is critical as we look to take full advantage of the growing opportunity to provide more care at home,” said Kevin Riddleberger, co-founder and chief strategy officer at DispatchHealth. “Myia’s platform is part of our suite of capabilities that arms our clinicians to better take care of our patients. The continuous insights help us understand which patients need care when so we can optimize and expand our clinical offering.”
Myia’s platform ingests biometric patient data from curated sensors and turns that data into actionable clinical insights for providers. The platform enables individualized virtual care in patients’ homes through connected medical devices and easy-to-use technology that can work for anyone, regardless of internet access or other barriers to care. Providers are able to personalize how often they see alerts for each patient, ensuring clinicians can focus their efforts on the people who need them most at any given time. As a result, Myia is able to help optimize clinical outcomes and operational efficiency across the acuity curve. 
“As more care moves into the home, there are opportunities to create a system for care delivery beyond the hospital setting that works for patients and providers alike,” said Simon MacGibbon, Myia co-founder and CEO. “We’re proud that DispatchHealth, a critical enabler of innovation in our industry, has chosen Myia to help their clinicians access and act on crucial patient data coming from the home.”
The announcement comes during a period of momentum for Myia Health, which powers the nation’s leading virtual hospital, Mercy Virtual, and is backed by clinical partners like the American College of Cardiology. The company recently named longtime health plan and health system leader Craig Samitt to its board of directors and is expanding its work with health systems across the country.
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