BOSTON (September 10, 2020)—Medisafe, a digital therapeutics companion platform, announced the immediate deployment of its new Medisafe Maestro platform. This advanced technology seamlessly orchestrates medication adherence journeys with precision and speed, creating personalized patient support resources delivered through a digital drug companion. Medisafe supports the pharmaceutical ecosystem with digital patient support resources through its personalized digital drug companion and integrated Care Connector which activates real-time patient engagement. 

Supporting patients across their unique treatment needs requires a coordinated approach with tailored interventions and specific resources to meet patients in their moments. Medisafe Maestro fosters collaboration with partners to build adaptive patient journeys that address individual challenges, providing personalized support to navigate through any roadblocks to continue treatment. With every patient behavior, Medisafe Maestro continuously optimizes the journey, incorporating elements such as patient education, clinician guidance, guided treatment videos, financial support awareness and includes family, friends and caregivers in treatment. 

“The introduction of Medisafe Maestro aims to revolutionize digital health platforms by enhancing the speed and agility in developing and deploying branded patient resources, bolstering treatment adherence, and improving patient outcomes,” said Omri Shor, Medisafe Chief Executive Officer. 

“Optimizing patient journeys requires hundreds or thousands of modifications that can impact a patient, creating challenges or roadblocks to successful treatment. Until now, this often meant starting from scratch with every patient flow process for drug partners. But Medisafe Maestro has done all of the heavy lifting, advancing innovation with enhanced patient support engagement.” 

While Medisafe Maestro officially launches today, the company has already implemented the system for several partners who praised the increased functionality and faster build time, including its agile environment and ease of use. To learn more about Medisafe Maestro, visit