TORONTO (June 11, 2019)—Mavencare, a homecare technology company, announced its partnership with The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre, a 119-bed hospital located in the heart of downtown Toronto.

With a focus on managing patients with multiple medical issues requiring complex care, Toronto Grace has recognized the benefit of Mavencare’s technology-enabled home service to promote better communication and prevent avoidable hospital readmissions during the post-acute transition interval.

With this latest collaboration, Toronto Grace’s health care team, patients and their families can benefit from Mavencare’s app-based and online technology including communication to ensure care plan continuity, better health outcomes and more satisfied patients and families.

“Toronto Grace has always been incredibly progressive and innovative with their approach to post-acute rehabilitation and we are excited to work with their team to promote effective and safe community transitions,” said Dr. Adam Blackman, CEO of Mavencare. “We are confident that our monitoring and predictive analytics will extend their team’s capability to transition more patients back to their homes.”

Mavencare’s proprietary technology matches patients with heavily vetted caregivers specific to their care needs, and the app houses all communication between caregivers, families, the hospital health care team and Mavencare’s clinical team. The company’s intelligent notification system uses predictive analytics to identify any potential issues from caregiver-reported data, and as a result, prevent avoidable adverse health events including hospital readmissions.

“There is such a strong need for health solutions by way of innovation, especially for patients once they leave the hospital,” said Jake Tran, president and CEO at The Salvation Army Toronto Grace Health Centre. “During the early transition period, it’s critical that our clinicians stay connected and receive timely updates of any early emerging problems that we might preemptively address before they become serious enough to require going to the emergency department. As the Ontario government moves toward a system that embraces technology-driven solutions in health care, we are working with Mavencare to align with this direction through improved connectivity and communication with discharged patients.”

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