UNION, N.J. (December 10, 2021) – To help active seniors who want the comfort of professional support during an emergency, LifeStation, a provider of medical alert monitoring systems and connected health solutions for aging seniors and caregivers, is unveiling Sidekick Smart—a custom-designed smartwatch for those who need the key benefits of a wearable medical alert system, but who are also looking for a device that is discreet, sleek, stylish and fits within an active lifestyle.
“The medical alert industry is rapidly evolving with new technology that’s easier to use and more customized to everyday lives. At LifeStation we recognize that today’s seniors, as well as the new generation aging up, feel empowered to live a more active life for as long as possible, and may not be comfortable wearing a more traditional medical alert device pendant that’s widely available on the market,” said Matt Solomon, managing director at LifeStation. “With the release of Sidekick Smart, we are able to provide a stylish yet discreet option to provide support to aging seniors and the family members who care for them, as well as offer new benefits, such as step tracking and heart rate monitoring, for seniors who want to keep physical activity in their daily routines. In the event of an emergency or medical event, or when help is needed, a simple press and hold of the watch’s home button is all it takes to connect with LifeStation’s 24/7 monitoring specialists.”
Sidekick Smart can also pinpoint a user’s exact location, allowing caregivers to help support their loved one’s safety and independence from afar whether the user is running errands, spending time with friends or staying at home.
In addition, Sidekick Smart is a lot more than just a medical alert device. Additional features include:

  • Pedometer: Built-in pedometer tracks steps, helping users to live a more active, healthy lifestyle.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Built-in heart rate monitor allows the user and their caregiver to check their heart rate.
  • 2-Way Communication: Allows users to speak with LifeStation’s US-based emergency monitoring center by talking directly into the watch.
  • Water Resistance: Water-resistant for use in the shower, while washing hands, watering plants and more.
  • Weather: Easy-to-use app keeps users informed and ensures safety by preparing for difficult travel conditions.

As the need for improved senior care increases, major tech companies have begun developing products and video monitoring to support aging seniors and those who care for them. While this technology is changing the caregiving landscape, new research from LifeStation reveals that 70% of caregivers feel that the aging adult(s) in their lives aren’t completely comfortable with the latest technology.
“We’ve always been focused on making our technology approachable, easy-to-use and affordable. Not all aging users are able to navigate more complex devices. Ours are intentionally designed to be intuitive so that seniors can still manipulate the devices with ease,” said Solomon. “We’ve worked hard to make Sidekick Smart highly functional, yet also modern and stylish.”
LifeStation’s Sidekick Smart will be available for purchase starting in January 2022. Assistance is available through Medicare and Medicaid providers for those who qualify.
Visit lifestation.com for more information.