Seat cushion widths start at 8 inches; back widths start at 10 inches

STEVENS POINT, Wisconsin—Ki Mobility’s Axiom line of wheelchair seat cushions and backs are now available in pediatric sizes. The new series, Axiom for Kids, takes into account the unique positioning needs of growing children who use wheelchairs, the manufacturer said in a March 11 announcement.

“Our new range of pediatric cushions and backs are truly designed for children,” the announcement said. “From material selection to size, shape and growth ability—all elements have been designed for the smallest growing riders.”

Ki Mobility described the cushions and backs as “science-based seating solutions that promote better clinical outcomes and meet the demands of your child’s day.”

Axiom cushions are available in two models

Axiom for Kids’ seat cushion lineup includes two models: Positioning (PXP) and Skin Protection & Positioning (PXSP). For both cushion lines, seat widths are available from 8 inches to 16 inches, and seat depths are available from 8 inches to 18 inches.

The PXP (HCPCS coded E2605) incorporates a stable base to support kids through their many adventures.

“Medial and lateral stability, combined with taller positioning features, ensure optimal postural support and stability,” Ki Mobility said, adding that the PXP also includes “Axiom’s surface tension-reducing hexagonal shapes, softer foam, and science-based contoured shape design that changes with cushion width.”

The PXSP (HCPCS coded E2607) includes the positioning elements seen in the PXP, plus a dual-density foam base for added skin protection and positioning. The top foam layer increases immersion and provides a wider base of support for the trochanters. The second layer of foam provides optimal structural support.

Seat covers are designed to be durable and breathable, with the ability to “withstand spills and accidents while simultaneously allowing optimal immersion into the foam base,” the announcement said. “An extra cover is included with each cushion order for your convenience.”

Seat cushion accessories include additional covers (in black, blue or purple), and a solid seat insert.

Axiom backs designed for growability

The Axiom for Kids back was designed to fit wheelchairs +/- 1 inch to facilitate width and growth adjustments. “Built-in hardware depth adjustment of 2 inches makes optimal back placement relative to seat depth convenient,” Ki Mobility said. “Smart shell design also provides individual lateral adjustment slots so you don’t have to worry about interferences with back hardware during setup.”

The backs offer fixed, adjustable contoured and swing-away lateral options so seating teams can choose the optimal support. Back hardware comes “standard with a built-in lockout latch to prevent everything from backpacks to curious fingers from accidentally disengaging the backrest,” Ki Mobility said.

Axiom for Kids backs are available in three models: Posterior Lateral Back (PXPL), E2615; Adjustable Lateral Back (PXAL), E2291 and Adjustable Lateral Back with Contour Laterals (PXALCL), E2293. Options include various head supports and pads; lateral supports; a lumbar pad; a privacy flap; and posture supports, including chest, anterior trunk supports, shoulder guides and dynamic supports.

The back’s cover is breathable, wipeable and remains cool to the touch. The cover can be removed for cleaning. “Lighter-density foam in the cushion is designed for lighter users while also providing support,” the manufacturer said.

The backs are available in 10- to 16-inch widths and 10- to 18-inch depths. Matte and gloss finishes in an array of colors are available.

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