(November 1, 2018)—Brightree-connected providers now have two additional functionalities at their service. Parachute Health and PlayMaker Health each announced integrations.

Parachute Health is an e-prescribing platform for DME in the post-acute health industry for products such as oxygen tanks, hospital beds, walkers and wheelchairs. Until now, most of the $50 billion spent annually on durable medical equipment (DME) was ordered by fax machines and monitored through paper records. Parachute integrates directly with Epic, and other widely used electronic medical record software, to create a completely digital process based on sophisticated machine learning technology that ensures compliance with ever-changing insurance requirements.

“When a supplier receives an order over fax, the order will come across with insufficient documentation, resulting in calls back and forth. The orders with Parachute come across digitally, and the system allows chat back and forth. They can also supply automatic delivery updates in case something goes wrong,” said David Gelbard, CEO and founder of Parachute Health.

With the rise of electronic health records (EHRs), the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is calling for an end to the faxed medical order by 2020. Parachute’s integration with Brightree is already hitting a wait list with suppliers, Gelbard said.

“This relationship will solve multiple pain points for HME providers and referring physicians alike, such as gaining efficiencies through automation, reducing paperwork and improving overall patient care,” said Nick Knowlton, vice president of business development at Brightree. “We look forward to interfacing with their platform as e-prescribing becomes more prevalent."

In June 2018, Parachute announced $9.5 million in funding efforts to expand the platform.

PlayMaker Health is a post-acute growth platform for HME, home health, hospice and infusion providers. The platform’s integration with Brightree’s cloud-based business software aims to improve business performance and patient outcomes. PlayMaker Health combines market and provider referral data with customer relationship management tools to improve visibility and market performance for post-acute care providers. Referral data from Brightree is integrated into PlayMaker, resulting in performance analytics to inform strategic decision-making.

“Today’s providers know the key to remaining competitive and surviving in today’s volatile market lies in their ability to access the right business intelligence, and no one knows that more than Brightree,” said John Griscavage, chief executive officer of PlayMaker Health in a press release. “We are fortunate to partner with them and empower post-acute organizations with the market, referral and sales intelligence they need to support strategic growth initiatives and drive profitability.”

“The integration with PlayMaker Health helps ensure that our mutual clients can better streamline operations and improve performance, which aligns with our vision of delivering technology that empowers our customers to be more successful,” said Knowlton. “We look forward to collaborating on innovative solutions to advance this vision.”

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