DALLAS (September 24, 2019)—KanTime's Enterprise Hospice Agency Platform, announced their selection of BetterRX as their preferred pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) solution, on account of their technology and straight-forward pricing.

"BetterRX stands apart from other PBMs by providing hospices and pharmacies with the technology needed to improve the medication ordering and approval process, delivering faster symptom relief and providing better patient comfort. For that reason, BetterRX is the preferred PBM solution we recommend to our customers," said Sundar Kannan, CEO at KanTime.

BetterRX is redefining what a pharmacy benefits manager entails by bringing advanced technology to hospice and palliative care providers. BetterRX is a PBM with ePrescribe technology. Better ePrescribe was built specifically for the hospice workflow and saves each nurse over 10 hours a week ordering and managing medications. BetterRX also offers hospice providers an artificial intelligence platform (BetterAI) that ensures each order contains the right medications adapted for each patient's comfort, while also optimizing cost. This is achieved with the help of over 244,000 smart recommendations developed by PharmD's.

BetterRX offers transparent pricing. They simply charge a technology and service fee rather than marking up medications in what is known in the industry as "spread pricing".

"What you see is what you get," said Chris Taylor, VP of sales at KanTime. "Since they are not a pharmacy, they don't make money on high prescription volume or cost."

"BetterRX and KanTime are improving patient comfort in hospice through innovations that provide faster care. Our partnership will benefit hospice agencies by offering a combined solution to improve the hospice workflow," said BetterRX's PharmD CEO, Jared Stong.

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