PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island and SAN MARCOS, California (September 15, 2022)–Intus Care, a developer of a predictive analytics platform designed for geriatric health, today announced a partnership with Gary and Mary West PACE in San Marcos, California. West PACE, a nonprofit Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly, is using Intus Care’s software analytics platform to optimize the care provided to its older adult participants, to increase organizational efficiency and to lower costs associated with high-utilization events such as preventable falls and hospitalizations.

West PACE is Intus Care’s first official partner in the state of California. 

Intus Care empowers geriatric care providers like West PACE to deliver more effective management and treatment to older adults through real-time data access. Its digital health care platform integrates with electronic health records, claims and accounting software to highlight clinical risks in participants and display organizational data. This offers a holistic view of each PACE participant, allowing the West PACE team to plan, manage, and continue providing quality care to their population in the comfort of their homes. 

Intus Care currently works with over 25 PACE Programs in 11 states and has entered a Letter of Understanding with the National PACE Association to pursue a strategic partnership.

“Growing up in PACE, I saw first-hand the unique benefits PACE offers and wanted to follow in the footsteps of my mother to help grow and innovate the model care,” said Robbie Felton, CEO and co-founder of Intus Care. “After spending over a year working in PACE programs while undergraduate students at Brown University, we started building the Intus Care software to specifically serve PACE programs and empower care decisions to improve outcomes.” 

“We’re proud to support Gary and Mary West PACE in advancing their mission of enabling seniors to live in their communities independently by providing compassionate, comprehensive health and supportive care,” said Laura Ferrara, chief strategy officer for Intus Care. “By pioneering data-driven organizational changes through our predictive analytics platform, we look forward to helping West PACE achieve even better participant care and operational objectives.”

“We’re excited to work with Intus Care to continue to innovate the PACE model together, and ensure all our program participants benefit from the cutting-edge tools we use to maximize the quality of health care provided at West PACE,” said Ross Colt, medical director for Gary and Mary West PACE. “Intus knows the PACE model and has existing relationships with 20 other PACE programs in the U.S. This is a battle-tested solution, and the company’s team has deep experience. My hope is that we can accelerate our performance curve to use data to decrease unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations of seniors. We will empower our staff with this data to make them better, stronger, and faster, in what they’re doing to provide care for vulnerable seniors that we are honored to serve.”