HomeWell Care Services achieved its “Road to 100” initiative in March

BURKBURNETT, Texas—After consecutive years of growth in revenue, openings and signings, HomeWell Franchising Inc., a franchisor of national homecare provider HomeWell Care Services, achieved its “Road to 100” initiative in March 2024. The completion of this organizational milestone marks 100 unique franchise owners nationwide and the franchise’s first $100 million in annual system revenue.

“This journey has been both exhilarating and challenging,” said Crystal Franz, CEO of HomeWell Franchising. “It required some ingenuity, grit and collaboration—all qualities that are deeply ingrained in our ethos and that have been essential to our rapid expansion in the homecare space. Finishing the Road to 100 underscores the collective efforts of multiple departments and associates, demonstrating what we can accomplish when we work together toward a shared goal, no matter how ambitious it may be.”

From its rapidly expanding owner network and national footprint to initiatives such as the Zero-Initial-Franchise Fee introduced in 2022 and the conversion initiative in 2023, Franz said HomeWell has experienced quite a series of firsts in the last few years and has been unafraid to innovate, even break industry molds, on its way to accomplishing this initiative.

“You don’t become the nation’s fastest-growing homecare franchise without making some bold moves along the way,” said Franz. “After years of hard work implementing new strategies, sometimes even going back to the drawing board to find solutions, we are now a key player in our industry, setting standards and higher expectations for clients, entrepreneurs and our owners.”

Brad Himmeger, vice president of franchise services, believes that HomeWell’s focus on fostering a collaborative environment for franchisees has been instrumental to its widespread growth.

"We believe in standing shoulder to shoulder with our franchise owners, supporting them every step of the way as they strive to achieve their goals," said Himmeger. "Through personalized coaching, opportunities to connect with fellow owners and access to an extensive network of national and local vendors, we empower our franchisees to overcome challenges and scale their agencies. It's been incredibly rewarding to witness their growth and contribute to their success."

Franz said one of the most fulfilling aspects of this achievement for HomeWell’s Executive Leadership Team was assigning a bonus structure for all the franchisor’s associates, particularly honoring those who have been at HomeWell the longest.

“The way that the bonus structure was set up—it essentially rewarded the most to those who have been a part of our growth journey from when HomeWell was barely on the map to where we are now with our current nationwide presence spanning 33 states," said Franz. "We wouldn’t be the organization we are today without their loyalty and dedication.”

Looking ahead, HomeWell anticipates more of the same.

“Where one road ends, another begins,” said Franz. “This journey may be complete, but we’re just closing this one chapter in our story. The best is still yet to come, not just for us as a franchisor, but for our owners, their staff and most importantly, the families throughout the United States who directly benefit from our growth.”