Here's How the New Overtime Law Will Affect You
A new law dramatically expands overtime protection. Here's how it will affect millions of Americans. (Fast Company/Gale Gutherie Wiseman)

Five Health Issues Presidential Candidates Aren’t Talking About—But Should Be
Much of the policy discussion stops with the Affordable Care Act—but there are other policy issues the candidates should be discussing and aren’t. (Julie Rovner/Kaiser Health News)

Insurance Shortchanging Doctors and Patients
Four out of five emergency-room doctors who responded to an American College of Emergency Physicians survey believe that privately insured patients have skipped needed medical care because of concerns about out-of-pocket costs. (Ken Alltucker/The Arizona Republic)

Foundation Leads High Schoolers to Home Health Careers
Amid an increasing caregiver shortage and minimum wage hikes across the country, attracting newcomers to the home health industry—particularly younger workers—is a significant challenge. (Kourtney Liepelt/Home Health Care News)

Critics of Medicare’s Overall Hospital Star Rating Push for Changes
Over the past decade, the federal government has publicized 115 different ways to measure medical quality in hospitals, from assessing wait times in emergency rooms and noise levels outside hospital rooms to tracking blood clots in surgical patients. But the latest effort, to combine dozens of metrics into one patient-friendly quality indicator, has proven the most contentious. (Jordan Rau/Kaiser Health News)