Need Exercise? Go to the Mall
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has put out a guide saying the mall is a perfect place for seniors to get in their steps. (Anna Gorman/Kaiser Health News)

Homecare Must Plan Ahead for Minimum Wage Hikes
Planning ahead will be crucial for home health and home care agencies as both California and New York recently approved minimum wage hikes that mean workers will soon earn $15 an hour. (Kourtney Liepelt/Home Health Care News)

Aging Brains Benefit From Higher Intensity Exercise
In a recent study, those who reported doing little to no exercise showed greater long-term decline in memory and thinking skills, compared with those having high activity levels. (Liz Seegert/Covering Health)

Free Clinics Expanding Mission to Help Insured Patients with High Expenses
A study by the Commonwealth Fund found that 23 percent of adults younger than 65 who had coverage all year in 2014 were underinsured. (Michelle Andrews/Kaiser Health News)

Jury Finds Doctor Guilty in Largest-Ever Home Health Care Fraud
A Dallas physician and three home health agency owners have been found guilty of committing the nation’s largest home health care fraud involving a single doctor. (Mary Kate Nelson/Home Health Care News)