Taking a Fresh Look at Nutrition for Older Adults
New paradigms are needed to address our growing understanding of the physiology of aging and how it affects the nutrient needs for older adults. (Liz Seegert/Covering Health)

Doctors, Patients Miss Opportunities to Lower Costs by Not Discussing Concerns
When doctors are reluctant to talk about medical costs, a patient’s health can be undermined. (Shefali Luthra/Kaiser Health News)

Medicare is Often Overbilled by Hospices, and Pays for Some Drugs Twice
Medicare now pays hospices an all-inclusive rate of $720 a day for inpatient care and no more than $187 a day for routine home care. (Robert Pear/The Washington Post)

New Push to Keep Seniors in Home, Community-Based Programs
The federal government is pushing states to keep more low-income seniors out of nursing homes and, instead, enroll them in home and community-based programs. (Alejandra Cancino/The Associated Press)

CMS Opens OASIS Comment Period
Home health agencies now have a limited opportunity to voice their concerns or opinions about the updated Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS). (Amy Baxter/Home Health Care News)