Providers step up to provide extra care in the midst of Harvey.

Via AAHomecare, WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 30, 2017)—As the nation rallies around those impacted by Hurricane Harvey’s destruction, we wanted to share some encouraging stories about our members who are rising to meet the needs of their community and beyond. In the midst of tragedy, their response speaks volumes about the services and front-line patient care that our Industry offers, in good weather and bad.

Wave Healthcare spent last week contacting their ventilator and oxygen patients to determine which individuals needed evacuation assistance and that each family had a “worst case scenario” plan in place. They also reached out to assist another supplier in the Houston area whose location is reportedly under three feet of water to provide medical equipment and supplies.

Other providers shared details on preparation and relief efforts for their patients, even as they were dealing with the impact in their own homes as well. Hill Country Medical Equipment, which has an office in a neighboring area, prepared staff to meet the needs of the potential influx of patients who would be evacuating into their area. The MED Group shared their outreach efforts in partnering with a local radio station to provide needed goods and services to affected areas.

These responses are characteristic of the great services our industry provides. This is not about “bent metal”—this is about passionate and caring people whose companies provide critical support and services, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, even when natural disasters strike.

AAHomecare will continue to work with Congress and the Administration to educate them on the invaluable role the Industry plays in patient care and to engage CMS on how suppliers can assist those impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

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