SAN FRANCISCO (June 26, 2017)—Qardio, a digital health ecosystem and Hint, a direct care administration platform, announce a partnership that will bring Qardio’s solutions to direct care providers across the United States through Hint’s technology integration program, Hint Connect.

The integration will allow Hint practices to implement QardioMD remote monitoring services with the click of a button, instantly allowing them to provide Qardio devices to their patients while gaining access to the doctor’s dashboard where they can view their patient’s home measurements, automatically analyzed and sorted to save doctors time.

This collaboration taps the power of Qardio’s innovative, medical-grade products and AI-based doctor platform to provide better preventative health service and patient engagement throughout both communities.

Qardio is a digital health company in the medical device sector and maker of the QardioArm, smart blood pressure monitor, QardioBase a wireless weight scale and body analyzer and QardioCore, a wireless ECG monitor that doesn’t require wires or patches to continuously record ECG data, heart rate, respiratory rate and other important heart vitals.

“We look to partner with companies that share our vision of improving health care, either through tech innovations or by changing the way patient care is delivered,” says Martina Janeckova, VP of Global Outreach at Qardio. “Hint’s community of direct care providers is doing exactly that: striving to improve care and health outcomes by offering more personalized services to their patients. We’re looking forward to empowering Hint’s doctors with new revenue opportunities and by giving them tools to look after their patients in a more effective way.”

Founded with an exclusive focus on the direct care movement, Hint has been working with physicians to automate their practice administration workflows since 2013. Its growing integration program, Hint Connect, brings direct care physicians best-in-class technologies that synchronize with Hint’s core platform to seamlessly integrate into their daily activities. These providers are already on the front lines of pioneering technologies that extend primary care beyond the walls of the exam room, and this integration with QardioMD gives them another powerful tool towards that aim.

“Together, Hint and Qardio have designed the perfect program to jump start remote monitoring in direct care practices,” says Zak Holdsworth, co-founder and CEO at Hint. “Once they’re finally free of the archaic technology mandates behind fee-for-service billing, direct care providers are running towards products and services that let them create the connected health care experiences that patients crave. Qardio’s growing suite of in-home measurement devices and remote monitoring services are perfectly aligned with their goals, and represent a stellar addition to the Hint Connect ecosystem.”

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