Through the acquisition, HHAeXchange will expand footprint into new states and gain talent with homecare technology experience

NEW YORK—HHAeXchange, a homecare management solution for providers, managed care organizations (MCOs), state Medicaid agencies and fiscal intermediaries, announced its acquisition of Generations Homecare System

Generations provides an all-in-one homecare agency management software solution that gives providers the ability to connect care teams, simplify daily tasks and maintain compliance. This acquisition brings together two companies sharing a common vision and values, aimed at driving innovation and excellence in homecare, HHAeXchange said.

The homecare industry is poised for tremendous additional growth, with demand for personal care aides expected to rise by 43% between 2020 and 2035. Industry stakeholders need a software platform that can rapidly evolve to meet the requirements and growing needs of providers, caregivers and payers—particularly when it comes to compliance and usability.

“As HHAeXchange remains focused on building a better product that supports our dynamic industry, we’re thrilled to combine forces with the Generations team, which is known for its homecare technology expertise,” said Paul Joiner, HHAeXchange’s chief executive officer. “This deeper talent bench, along with an expanded geographic footprint, will move us closer to fulfilling our mission of enabling caregivers, families, providers, and payers to deliver the best care in the home.”

Building on HHAeXchange’s recent acquisition of Cashé Software, a Minnesota-based solution for homecare operations and billing, the Generations acquisition will enable HHAeXchange to further expand its footprint into new states and add talent with expertise in homecare technology.

“At HHAeXchange, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing homecare by empowering providers with the best tools and solutions," Joiner said. "Our recent acquisitions of Cashé Software and Generations Homecare System represent a significant milestone in this journey, underscoring our commitment to enhancing the care experience for caregivers and members nationwide. With this newly fortified combination of expertise and values, we’re strategically positioned to drive meaningful change in the industry and make a lasting impact on the lives we serve."

Generations has been dedicated to creating a quality homecare software service for the growing homecare industry since it was founded in 2002. Committed to the promise of providing exceptional technology, Generations is used by more than 700 customers in 48 states across the U.S.

Lisa Ferden, Generations co-founder and COO, and Lance Ferden, Generations co-founder and CTO, will work in advisory roles over the coming months to ensure a smooth transition.

“Generations was built on the foundation of providing exceptional technology, always keeping usability and intuitiveness at the forefront of our homecare software service,” Lisa said. “But what has always set us apart is our commitment to providing an unparalleled customer experience. From our onboarding process to our help system and our customer success team, we care deeply about doing our best with every customer interaction. We are thrilled to combine this passion with HHAeXchange’s strengths and push the homecare industry forward.”

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