CVS-Aetna? Expect More Strange Bedfellows as Competition from Amazon Grows
If CVS Health’s reported $66-billion bid to acquire health insurer Aetna is approved, it could give the retail pharmacy chain an infusion of customers through Aetna’s members and more leverage when it negotiates drug prices. (David Pierson/Los Angeles Times)

Florida Governor Loses in Court Battle Over Nursing Homes
Florida Gov. Rick Scott's push to force nursing homes to add generators in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma could be blocked after a judge ruled there was no pressing danger that justifies the order. (Gary Fineout/Associated Press)

Last of 7 Sentenced in Record $373 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme
A Dallas woman on Thursday was the last of seven people sentenced in a large-scale health care fraud scheme. (Kyle Martin/Dallas News)

CMS Loses Money as Medicare ACOs Remain Risk-averse
Although Medicare accountable care organizations generated $652 million in savings last year, the CMS still took a loss on the program as most ACOs were unprepared to take on riskier contracts. (Maria Castellucci/Modern Healthcare)

Waste Not, Want Not: A New Bill Tries to Reduce Waste Caused by Drug Makers
A group of lawmakers introduced a bill to reduce the medicine that is wasted each year because many drugs are distributed in so-called single-use vials that contain more than most patients need. The move follows various reports that large quantities of different types of medicines—from expensive cancer treatments to pricey eye drops—are wasted each year because of packaging. (Ed Silverman/Stat News)