Company calls new line 'a new era in residential patient furniture"

ORANGEBURG, New York—Dynarex Corporation, a durable medical equipment (DME) and disposable medical products company, introduced The Glenshaw Collection, a breakthrough line of premium patient furniture. Dynarex said this collection marks a leap forward in enhancing the living experience for individuals in long-term care and residential facilities.

The collection spans nightstands, dressers and wardrobes to resident room chairs and dining chairs—offering facilities a range of options to create a cohesive atmosphere for residents. The furniture is constructed from high-quality wood, laminate and aluminum materials, reflecting Dynarex's dedication to providing lasting and reliable solutions.

"The Glenshaw Collection represents a new era in patient care, combining functionality, safety and aesthetics," said Zalman Tenenbaum, CEO of Dynarex. "We've listened attentively to the voices of caregivers, administrators and residents themselves. The result is an outstanding line of furniture that seamlessly integrates into residential facilities and long-term care settings while addressing the practicalities of daily care."

Key Features of the Glenshaw Collection:

Nightstands, Wardrobes, and Dressers:

  • High-quality wood and laminate construction
  • Ample storage and drawer space for easy retrieval of personal items
  • Ventilated back for increased airflow through the interior
  • Rounded edges and soft-close hinges for reduced risk of injury
  • Available in a choice of wood finishes

Dining Chairs and Resident Room Chairs:

  • Aluminum frame with wood-grain finish
  • Moisture- and stain-resistant upholstery for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Fire-retardant, high-density foam and upholstery
  • The floor glides for smoother movement
  • Available in a choice of styles and finishes

"We are proud to be at the forefront of providing accessible solutions for residential environments," said Tenenbaum. "The Glenshaw Collection is not just about furniture; it's about empowering facilities and caregivers to enhance the quality of life for their residents."

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