ORANGEBURG, New York (April 14, 2022)—Dynarex Corporation, a durable medical equipment (DME) and disposable medical products company, unveiled its newly extended line of premium respiratory therapy supplies, Dynarex Resp-O2. This selection of respiratory products now encompasses oxygen therapy, aerosol therapy, suction solutions, trach care, manual resuscitation, bronchial/asthma management, and much more.

"Dynarex has expanded its outstanding line of respiratory products to fulfill the full spectrum of respiratory needs," said Barry Zuckerman, respiratory advisor for the Dynarex Resp-O2 product line. "In so doing, we are able to save distributors and providers valuable time that they could be devoting to their clients and patients. It's rare to find such a deep and varied selection of top-level respiratory products, at such high quality, all under one roof."

"Throughout the entire Resp-O2 line, Dynarex has paid meticulous attention to details that enhance patients' safety and comfort," said Errol Cooper, director of respiratory Sservices at New Vanderbilt Rehabilitation & Care Center in Staten Island, New York. "For example, Dynarex nebulizer cups feature an anti-spill design that enables patients undergoing aerosol therapy to receive treatments at angles up to 90 degrees. Whether they are in a seated or prone position, they're still getting the full efficacy of the medication."

When it comes to tracheostomy care, Dynarex took a holistic, patient-centric approach in the design of its trach tube holders.

"Manufacturers often use an ultra-welding process that can cause a hard edge, leading to skin irritation for the patient," Cooper said. With this in mind, Dynarex designed their trach tube holders with stitching in order to help preserve a patient's delicate skin. "This can help avoid small irritations from evolving into serious wound care issues," Cooper said.

Recognizing the importance of bronchial-pulmonary management in patient recovery, Dynarex has included spirometry and peak flow measurement products in its newly expanded selection. These tools help to motivate patients to improve their lung function and to track their progress.

"Spirometry is one of the most important, but often under-utilized aspects of respiratory therapy," Cooper said. "When patients are recovering from surgery, it's vitally important to maximize their lung expansion so we can lower the risk of pneumonia and respiratory insufficiency."

As Dynarex continues to expand and develop the Dynarex Resp-O2 line, the company said real-life needs of patients and caregivers in the respiratory space remain paramount.

"We take great pride in the outstanding quality of this innovative line of products—because the safety and well-being of patients and providers is our primary concern," Zuckerman said. "With these priorities always at the forefront, we will continue to diversify the Dynarex Resp-O2 line across the entire continuum of care."