SAN DIEGO (February 26, 2018)—DME Data Solutions announced the launch of a new software application designed to prevent administrative errors in a health care environment.

“According to a 2016 monograph from the World Health Organization (WHO), administrative errors can represent up to 50 percent of all errors in a primary care environment,” says Ken Ravazzolo, president of DME Data Solutions. “These include errors associated with intake, referrals, eligibility, testing, documentation, communication, billing, etc.”

Ravazzolo also feels that the number of administrative errors is higher in specialty care than in primary care. “For example, a dentist wanting to implement an oral appliance must typically undertake over 20 separate tasks from intake through reimbursement and these tasks vary from payor to payor. It’s impossible for staff to remember everything.”

The Task Management System allows a user to enter key values such as a patient identifier, department, procedure, etc., along with the name of a customized, pre-configured task list. This task list can be unique per payer, physician, protocol, etc. The system then creates a unique e-based checklist for staff to follow. Status and completion dates are noted as well as comments, if desired. In addition, supervisors can generate reports that list open tasks, bottlenecks and staff productivity.

TMS is available for a variety of platforms including desktop, tablet, network, web-based and private cloud.

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