HARTFORD, Conn. (October 28, 2020)—CareCentrix, a provider of health-at-home solutions, announced the addition of geriatric and chronic care expert, Dr. Eric A. Coleman, MD, MPH, to its Strategic Advisory Board. A long-time leader in whole-person care, Coleman served as Head of the Division of Health Care Policy and Research and Professor of Medicine at The University of Colorado Denver for over 20 years. He was awarded a MacArthur Foundation ‘Genius Grant’ for his pioneering work in care transitions.

“Since the introduction of CareCentrix’s breakthrough post-acute and readmissions product, Dr. Coleman has been a guide and inspiration to our team,” said CareCentrix CEO John Driscoll. “Eric has a unique ability to combine the best of clinical research with practical ideas to help break down the barriers of healing at home. And he never forgets the casual inhumanity that many vulnerable patients face in our current health care system. We are thrilled to have him join our team.”

Coleman’s research in geriatric care transitions has demonstrated dramatic reductions in hospital readmissions through empowering patients and encouraging self-care. Elements of Coleman’s previous work have been adopted by Medicare’s Community Based-Care Transitions, which has improved health outcomes for millions of older adults managing chronic illnesses. CareCentrix has worked with Coleman to integrate key tenets of his research into its existing solutions, which focus on breaking down the barriers patients experience when discharged from an acute care facility. Results have demonstrated total cost reductions of up to 22%.

“After an acute episode, older adults are bombarded by ‘check-the-box’ outreach and robocalls from the hospital, their doctor’s office and case managers that create fatigue and frustration. Breaking through the noise requires gaining each person’s trust and effectively engaging them in their self-care,” said Coleman. “Getting to this level of personalization requires recognizing and addressing their unique situation and the clinical and social barriers to healing. CareCentrix’s leadership and innovation to make the home the center of care opens up many opportunities to provide a new level of care and support for many millions of older Americans.”

Coleman joins an impressive CareCentrix Strategic Advisory Board. Coleman is board-certified in geriatric medicine and received his Masters degree in Public Health from The University of California at Berkeley. He completed his residency in primary care internal medicine and a fellowship in geriatric medicine at The University of Washington.

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