The partnership ill provide Choice access to a suite of digital health technologies

MYRTLE BEACH, South Carolina—Choice Health at Home (Choice), a home health, hospice and personal care provider specializing in the treatment of patients in their own home, announced a partnership with Resilient Healthcare (Resilient), a tech-enabled health care company dedicated to the delivery of care to patients’ homes and communities virtually and in-person. This partnership will provide Choice access to a suite of digital health technologies and hospital-at-home programs.

For Choice and Resilient the collaboration will advance the shared objective of offering patients enhanced access to comfortable and convenient care in the comfort of their home. Leveraging innovative advancements in virtual and mobile health, patients will now have access to high-acuity health care services outside of traditional hospital settings and medical facilities. By broadening the range and depth of services available within patients' homes, health care providers will increase their capacity to serve more patients and deliver care more efficiently than ever before, thereby enabling patients to access treatment more easily and achieve improved health outcomes.

“Our mission is to enhance the life of our patients through the pursuit of excellent health care in the home," said David Jackson, CEO of Choice Health at Home. "This offering, and the tech solutions offered by Resilient, will allow us to further advance that mission. We want to provide support to the various hospital systems advancing this CMS initiative in the Southwestern US and support solutions to the many challenges of providing acute care in the home."

“Choice Health at Home shares our vision of blending cutting-edge technology with compassionate care, and bridging the gap between hospitals and the community, empowering patients to thrive in the familiarity of their own homes. This partnership marks a pivotal moment in health care innovation, where we are not just revolutionizing delivery methods but enhancing the very essence of patient experience."