DME Navigator is a patient-centric solution for health plans that streamlines ordering, distribution & fulfillment of durable medical equipment

HARTFORD, Connecticut—CareCentrix, a home-centered care company, announced the launch of DME Navigator. This next-generation durable medical equipment (DME) benefits management solution brings together industry capabilities. Through a new collaboration with a leading information and technology-enabled health services company, this integrated solution modernizes the delivery of DME by enhancing efficiency, reducing costs of care and improving health outcomes.

DME Navigator equips health plans with a comprehensive, end-to-end solution that optimizes care delivery through enhanced workflows, efficient utilization management, streamlined order processing and increased payment accuracy. The new integrated single point-of-care experience also improves service quality, benefiting ordering clinicians, members and suppliers by providing real-time insights.

“By streamlining the DME process, DME Navigator fosters improved collaboration and coordination between patients, home care providers, and physicians,” said Steve Horowitz, chief executive officer, CareCentrix. “This next-generation solution reflects our deep commitment to enhancing access to care to enable health plans and clinicians to focus on what matters most – delivering high-quality care.”

As the population ages and health care increasingly shifts to home settings, ensuring individuals get the right medical equipment at the right time is paramount to avoid sub-optimal health outcomes and higher costs. Projections indicate that the number of Americans aged 65 and older will rise from 58 million in 2022 to 82 million by 2050, underscoring the growing importance of timely and effective home healthcare solutions.

“With nearly 30 years of experience in DME solutions, more than 4 million DME services coordinated annually, and proven results, CareCentrix is excited to further advance the management of this critical health care service for health plan members,” said Haley Sofiane, chief operating officer, CareCentrix. “This new collaboration embeds prior authorization workflows directly into the prescribing process and highlights our preferred provider network to ensure quicker access and reliable on-time delivery of clinically optimal equipment that patients need as they heal comfortably at home.”

The comprehensive solution leverages CareCentrix’s clinical and utilization management expertise, a national credentialed DME provider network, and integrates robust claims editing capabilities. It features a digital point-of-care platform for providers and suppliers that simplifies workflows, order fulfillment, and management to ensure members receive the right equipment at the right time from the right supplier. Additionally, it provides ongoing monitoring and resources to improve member experience and quality of care.

The DME Navigator solution is now available. For more information, visit