President Biden called for the nation to stand up for seniors in SOTU

WASHINGTON—President Joe Biden highlighted the value of homecare during his State of the Union Address on Thursday, March. 7. 

"Imagine a future with home care and elder care so seniors and people living with disabilities can stay in their homes and family caregivers get paid what they deserve," Biden said. "Tonight, let’s all agree once again to stand up for seniors."

Biden also discussed his goal to block continued Medicare cuts that health care as a whole has seen. 

"If anyone here tries to cut Social Security or Medicare or raise the retirement age I will stop them," he said. 

National Association for Home Care & Hospice President Bill Dombi said appreciated that Biden put a spotlight on homecare.

"We are very grateful that once again the president has highlighted the crucial importance of homecare in his State of the Union speech," Dombi said in a statement. "Our country has a growing need for homecare as an essential support for persons with disabilities and the infirm elderly. The caregivers who attend to our highly vulnerable family and friends also deserve our highest level of respect. We look forward to working with the president to find the best ways to improve homecare access and caregiver support.”