Axxess and WorldView are helping providers manage more patients with fewer resources

DALLAS and OMAHA, Nebraska—In an advancement for home-based care providers, Axxess, a global technology innovator for health care at home, and WorldView, a workflow automation solution, have announced a new software integration. Axxess and WorldView have integrated their solutions to serve the needs of home health, hospice, and now, homecare agencies to provide solutions that simplify intake and order management across all home-based care settings.

As the demand for home-based patient care surges, Axxess and WorldView are helping providers manage more patients with fewer resources. This integration complements the functionality given to home health care and hospice agencies and reduces administrative effort to provide timely patient care.

"Our partnership with WorldView is a step forward in expanding the types of services we offer our home care clients," said Tim Ingram, executive vice president of Interoperability at Axxess. "As organizations establish themselves as the 'provider of choice' for health systems and the community, offering a comprehensive array of services becomes crucial. This integration supports providers in delivering the right care at the right time, enhancing patient care and ensuring financial stability."

With WorldView's orders and intake solutions integrating directly with Axxess, organizations can now improve their operations, maintain compliance and reduce costs. Once the WorldView integration is activated in Axxess Home Care, a transmission of approved orders to WorldView takes place, facilitating swift physician signatures and direct return into Axxess' ecosystem. This integration marks the dawn of end-to-end automation in home care management.

"Our collaboration with Axxess is representative of our vision to deliver straightforward, practical solutions for homecare agencies," said James Lezzer, VP of strategic partnerships at WorldView. "Home-based care agencies face significant pressure to process referrals quickly. With this integration, they realize that benefit while ensuring consistent functionality across all service lines."