DALLAS (June 10, 2019)—Home health care provider, Axxess has released Axxess Hospice, a software solution to address the unique needs of hospice providers. Axxess Hospice was custom-built by hospice professionals with decades of industry experience to offer unique and intuitive capabilities that help hospice professionals more easily deliver the highest quality compassionate care.

“We took our time to meet the needs of the hospice industry and create another innovative solution that is unlike anything on the market,” said Axxess founder and CEO John Olajide. “Axxess Hospice reflects my commitment to create solutions that streamline operations and improve patient care, and I am confident it will quickly become the industry standard like our other solutions.”

Other hospice software are been modified from home health electronic medical record (EMR) software, which often requires further complicated adjustments in operations to deliver quality hospice care. Axxess’s hospice experts instead poured their insights into the development of comprehensive solutions and features tailored to the needs of the hospice industry. These solutions make Axxess Hospice revolutionary in addressing care needs and include:

IDG Center: The entire Interdisciplinary Group (IDG) can manage the collaboration process seamlessly. The IDG Center is HIPAA-compliant and enables team scheduling, interactive compliance-tracking, the ability to sign documentation in bulk, and individual and group notifications. The solution enables individual IDG members to take HIPAA-compliant notes and find them quickly, rather than needing to use handwritten notes.

Intuitive Messaging: The Axxess Hospice Messaging Center is HIPAA-compliant and designed to make it easy for members of the care team to communicate with one another. Chat features function the same as the messaging systems of iOS and Android operating devices. A group chat option allows for multiple users to engage in a HIPAA-compliant conversation about patient or family member care. Team members can attach messages to the patient chart using the # symbol (#johnsmith). Team members can tag others by using the @ symbol (@suesmith).

Scheduling Center: The Scheduling Center enables agencies to seamlessly schedule people and address priorities without using unnecessary processes. The patient's schedule can be viewed in increments of 14 days, a month, the benefit period, or today. When scheduling a patient visit or task, the user has the flexibility to individually schedule, or have the scheduled visit or task repeat on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. Shift scheduling enables continuous care visits to be scheduled and tracked and will calculate the hours per discipline for any 24-hour period.

Billing Center: The Billing Center enables agencies to bill and collect for services provided in an easy, efficient way. Axxess Hospice features color-coded indicators to let administrators know when more documentation is needed, has been uploaded or completed, and is ready for review. Notices of Election (NOEs) and Notices of Transfer/Revocation (NOTRs) are easily accessible for verification and can be automated as needed.

Bereavement Center: While other hospice software products may have bereavement service included, they do not have a Bereavement Center that is easy to use, and that enables users to spend more of their time providing compassionate, individualized and compliant bereavement services. Axxess Hospice includes bereavement risk assessment scores and specific tasks related to caring for the bereaved. An individualized plan of care is created for each person receiving bereavement services, a requirement of the Medicare Conditions of Participation.

Volunteer Center: Providers have a feature integrated into the software to track volunteer hours to ensure compliance with the mandatory rule that at least 5% of total direct patient care comes from volunteers. The Volunteer Center allows for tracking of criminal and OIG checks, volunteer training, availability, preferences and mileage.

Olajide added, “The professionals who have started using Axxess Hospice have told us they are very impressed with the power and ease of use built into our solutions. I am delighted that our team of hospice experts and in-house engineers have created a solution that will dramatically improve the ability of hospice professionals to care for patients and families. It’s just the first step in a continuing process to address industry needs and provide the highest quality compassionate care possible.”

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