DALLAS (October 20, 2022)—After a thorough audit of its home health, homecare and hospice software solutions, Axxess has earned ACHC Product Certification. The Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc. (ACHC) offers product certification based on a comprehensive evaluation of the product’s ability to meet ACHC standards in administration, operations, fiscal management, human resources, provision of care, quality assurance/performance improvement and risk management.
To earn ACHC Product Certification, Axxess participated in a rigorous survey similar to the surveys agencies experience. The survey evaluated Axxess Home Health, Axxess Home Care and Axxess Hospice in their ability to meet software requirements for each ACHC standard.
ACHC Product Certification demonstrates Axxess’ compliance with ACHC’s accreditation standards and commitment to operational excellence, patient safety and quality care. This certification also adds value for the Axxess clients that work with ACHC.

“By achieving certification of its software, Axxess has demonstrated its commitment to serving home health, homecare and hospice providers with high-quality solutions,” said Matthew Hughes, ACHC vice president of corporate strategy.
“ACHC Product Certification was designed with two goals: To build vendor understanding of accreditation requirements in the settings their products are designed to serve and to support ACHC accreditation customers by providing a simple way to validate that a given product is in compliance with ACHC Standards,” Hughes added.

“We are proud to be recognized with ACHC Product Certification and we will continue to nurture our partnership with ACHC,” added Chris Taylor, senior vice president of channel partnerships at Axxess. “This recognition is a testament to the hard work and industry knowledge we put into our software solutions. Our clients can have confidence that our solutions meet the highest regulatory and quality standards, which will positively impact their care delivery and patients’ experience.”

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