BATON ROUGE, La. (July 25, 2019)—Amedisys, Inc., an independent home health, hospice and personal care company, has signed an agreement with ClearCare, Inc. to create an opportunity to establish partnerships between Amedisys home health centers and personal care agencies using ClearCare to coordinate the care of patients.

The partnership will leverage Amedisys’ home health footprint of 322 agencies in 34 states and ClearCare’s innovative technology platform used by more than 4,000 personal care agencies, effectively connecting high-quality home health care with the growing demand for personal care at scale.

“With Americans living longer, the value of both home health care and personal care is increasingly recognized for improving patient outcomes and lowering costs,” stated Amedisys CEO and president Paul Kusserow. “This agreement unites both industries to expand access to and establish a much-needed continuum of care for hundreds of thousands of the nation’s most vulnerable patients.”

Personal care is essential in the care continuum for functionally limited patients with multiple chronic conditions. Regular monitoring of key changes in conditions may signal the need for immediate clinical attention to avoid unnecessary hospital visits. ClearCare enables its partner personal care agencies to use a change in condition protocol to evaluate when skilled clinical support might be needed in order to recommend Amedisys’ skilled home health services to their clients.

Because the personal care industry is so highly fragmented, few large-scale systems currently exist today to connect high-quality skilled clinical care at home with the growing demand for at-home care that is non-medical. The partnership intends to establish a nationwide network of personal care agencies working with Amedisys to facilitate the coordination of personal care and skilled home health care for patients.

“This agreement makes it possible for our partner personal care agencies to network with a national leader in home health that’s committed to clinical excellence and thereby contribute significantly to a solution to a major problem: effectively managing patients as they age with multiple chronic conditions, functional limitations and social determinants,” stated Geoffrey Nudd, CEO and founder of ClearCare.

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