Leading senior care franchise encourages families to plan ahead for trips with aging relatives

ROSEVILLE, California—The summer travel season has arrived, and the caregivers at Always Best Care Senior Services are sharing tips to help seniors and their families plan an enjoyable, memorable trip for everyone. Experts with the in-home senior care franchise system in the United States know that traveling with aging loved ones can require special considerations.

“Always Best Care currently serves seniors in 29 states and Canada, and demand is only increasing with new territories under development or opening this year in Alabama, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas and Canada. Our caregiving teams work every day with seniors, and additionally, our teams can prepare seniors planning to visit with family, or travel to new or favorite places to experience a change of scenery,” said Jake Brown, president and CEO of Always Best Care. “With summer upon us, they know it will be important for families to plan ahead for travel with their senior members to reduce stress, enhance safety and make the most of the trip. Just as we help seniors make their day-to-day more comfortable at home, our caregiving teams can assist seniors to be prepared for travel as well.”

If you are planning a family getaway with seniors, the following are a few tips to keep in mind that can make the process run more smoothly:

  • Mind their mobility. Seniors in wheelchairs or who use a cane or walker may need special assistance with air or car travel, including entry/exit and stowing their equipment. Research ahead of time when booking activities to ensure the places you plan to visit are accessible, especially for those who have trouble navigating stairs or narrow places. Large crowds, excessive noise and stimulation can also be tough to handle, so think about their vision and hearing capabilities and plan activities that everyone can enjoy and access.
  • Build in breaks. Riding in the car can be hard on seniors’ backs and hips. Plan on periodic stops—including bathroom visits—and break up the travel as much as possible. Plenty of water and snacks will help as well. While travelers typically want to see as many sights and activities as they can, be realistic about your group’s time and abilities. Seniors most likely require a slower pace that won’t overwhelm them with too much walking or activity.
  • Give packing assistance. Seniors may have difficulty picking weather-appropriate clothing or remembering everything that should be on their list. Make that list together and help them choose outfits that are both appropriate and comfortable. Layers are always a good idea in case they get cold or hot.
  • Remember the medications. Bring enough medication for the trip and a few days extra in case of delays, and pack in a carry-on rather than checked luggage. To avoid confusion, it’s best to leave medications in their original packaging. It is also a good idea to keep a list of important medical information, including proper documentation for medication and any health conditions your loved one may have. If they need to go to an urgent care or hospital, you want to have necessary information readily available.
  • Ask for their input in planning. Ask your senior what they want to do and what they think they can reasonably handle. Cruises and tours have a lot of appeal because they offer many pre-planned options for all ages. You can work out any accessibility needs or special considerations ahead of time, and you may also be able to pick and choose from different activities to create a schedule that works for everyone.

“In-home caregivers have experience helping seniors with planning and packing to make sure they have everything they need,” said Sheila Davis, senior vice president of area operations for Always Best Care. “A caregiver can also take them on errands and outings around town and help them think of activities they might like to do this summer.” 

Always Best Care is one of the nation’s leading providers of non-medical in-home care and senior living referral services, with skilled home health care in limited markets. The company delivers its services through an international network of more than 250 independently owned and operated franchise territories throughout the United States and Canada. By working with case managers, social workers, discharge planners, doctors and families, Always Best Care franchise owners provide affordable, comprehensive solutions that can be specifically matched to meet a client’s particular physical or social needs.

For more information on available territories and franchising with Always Best Care, contact Sean Hart at rshart@abc-seniors.com, call (916) 545-2786 or visit alwaysbestcare.com/franchising.