ASHEVILLE, N.C. (June 12, 2018)—Aeroflow anonymously surveyed employees on engagement levels using the Gallup Q12 Meta-Analysis Report and saw their engagement level index increase from 4:1 in their previous survey to 12:1, meaning they now have 12 actively engaged employees per every 1 actively disengaged employee.

Aeroflow has succeeded in actively engaging its three C’s—customers, coworkers and community—by giving them individual attention, listening to their needs, coaching them through difficult situations and reinforcing success.

“A major part of our company culture is creating a place to actively engage employees so they’re excited to come to work and make a difference,” said Aeroflow chief culture officer Katie Combs. “When an employee is happy, they’re content and they are comfortable with their day-to-day routine. But when they’re engaged, they actively strive to achieve higher goals to reach new levels of success for both themselves and our company.”

The survey asks employees a series of questions pertaining to engagement. Gallup has also found that a 10 percent increase in employee engagement can results in a 21 percent increase in profitability and a 20 percent increase in productivity.

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