CARY, N.C. (August 23, 2022)—Accreditation Commission for Health Care, Inc., (ACHC) now offers certification to vendors who provide products, such as electronic patient records, human resources management solutions, document management tools, and more, to ACHC-accredited community-based organizations. The new certification offering provides validation that a vendor’s products meet the requirements of some or all relevant ACHC Standards.
A product can be certified in seven areas, each aligning with a group of ACHC standards to which an organization must adhere to achieve accreditation. These areas include evaluating vendor compliance for administration, operations, fiscal management, human resources, provision of care, and record management, quality and risk management.
Provided through the educational division of ACHC, ACHCU product certification builds understanding of accreditation requirements among vendors and confirms their compliance with ACHC Standards. These standards already require organizations seeking accreditation to ensure compliance by the vendors they engage, so this new offering helps to simplify that process and adds value as they make purchasing decisions.
The first to receive ACHC product certification, with certification in each of the seven areas for home health, hospice and homecare is Careficient, an electronic medical records (EMR) software solutions agency.
“At Careficient, we prioritize quality and compliance,” said Kristie Meers, vice president of clinical and regulatory at Careficient. “We develop EMR solutions that make agency operations more efficient, and software that safeguards compliance to mitigate potential risk to our clients. Attaining ACHC's official EMR certification provides the added assurance that Careficient meets the high standards set for our industry and strives to deliver exceptional quality for regulatory compliance requirements.”
“We are truly honored to be the first EMR provider to earn the ACHC product certification for home health, hospice and homecare,” said Brad Caldwell, chief operating officer of Careficient. “Our team was committed to success during months of intense scrutiny and a rigorous surveyor audit that resulted in 100% satisfaction in meeting the high-quality standards set by ACHC.”
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