Made in the U.S. 2018
Home-grown products and services
by HomeCare Editors

For three years, HomeCare Magazine has been bringing you a roundup of products made start to finish here in the United States. We also asked each company featured in these pages why keeping manufacturing in the U.S. is important. Some companies are working with veterans, and others want to keep jobs in their communities. Whatever the reason, we are proud to showcase these American-made products here for you.



Sport Seat Cane Ben Defrank, Sales Consultant “Alex Orthopedic Inc. has been manufacturing products in the United States since its inception in 1986, and this process is as important to us now as it was back then. By choosing to produce many of our products domestically, we have a greater amount of quality control allowing us to take pride in all the products we produce.”

Patriot Ramp


Patriot Ramp System Barry Clark, President “As a family-owned company, we are very proud that we’re able to manufacture all our ramps in America. Manufacturing our ramps in the U.S. gives us the opportunity to contribute to the economy by providing quality jobs for our local communities.”

hi low bed


Hi-Low Adjustable Bed Edward Hettig, Director of Marketing “Assured Comfort Beds are completely manufactured in Bassett, Virginia. We have been fortunate to use the resources of this area, filled with a rich heritage of suppliers and craftsmen. Our products fill a niche for those looking for quality U.S.-manufactured, hi-low adjustable beds.”

Brownmed Seal Tight


Seal-Tight Original Brandon Rodriguez, Vice President Product Development “All Brownmed products have a solid medical foundation, and all new product design starts with patient comfort in mind. Many of our products are made at our 81,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Spirit Lake, Iowa. The result is a higher-quality product, improved patient compliance and increased overall product efficacy.”


Therapeutic Product Collection Philip Mattison, President

Core Products

“Core Products is proud to manufacture many of our pillows, hot and cold therapy products, and orthopedic braces and supports in our Osceola and Chetek, Wisconsin, facilities. America’s small towns are the hidden gems of the workforce, manufacturing the highest quality, American-made products available.”

Diestco Manufacturing


Product Collection Dan Diestel, President “Diestco Manufacturing has been manufacturing mobility accessories in the United States for more than 25 years. Keeping jobs in America, making high-quality products our customers can trust, and contributing to our economy are why our products we will always be 100 percent made in the U.S.”

Drop Support


Edwin R. Aragon, Owner “Drop Support is proud to manufacture our harnesses here in the United States. We want to support other small businesses, grow and keep the American Dream alive. We prefer to work with our neighbors to ensure our customers are receiving a quality product made in the U.S.”

ORBIT transfer lift


ORBIT Patient Transfer Lift Don Everard, CEO “The ORBIT Patient Transfer Lift, along with several other EZ-ACCESS products are made in the United States, which is important to us because it allows us to provide American jobs, higher quality products, customization and improved innovation.”

Lumex Gold Mattress


Lumex Gold Care Foam Mattress Ken Spett, President and CEO “We began our BACK IN THE USA! initiative to provide our customers with a more unique product. Producing and assembling products in the United States provides several advantages such as streamlined logistics and qualified workforce—both of which we found to be very strong in the metro Atlanta region.”

Invacare POC


Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator Dean Childers, Senior Vice President and General Manager, North America “Although global in reach, Invacare is proud to be an American company and remains committed to producing products here at home that help promote recovery and active lifestyles among our friends and neighbors.”

It's You Babe


PF Press Christine Seering, Manager “At It’s You Babe, LLC, manufacturing in the U.S. is important, because we have been able to create jobs in a rural area of Central Michigan. We are able to maintain our personal touch on every product, while preserving the close-knit culture of small business.”

Core Spun


Core-Spun Chris Vering, President “We remain 100 percent committed to U.S. manufacturing as the passion of our employees shows in the products we manufacture. We constantly invest in new technology and employee education, primarily focusing on lean manufacturing concepts at our plants in Kansas City, Kansas, and Hamlet, North Carolina.”

Motivo Tour


Tour Jeremy Knopow, Founder “As one of the only walkers made in the U.S., the design of the Motivo Tour is different than any other mobility device. Our modern manufacturing facility in our home state of Wisconsin helps us create the high-quality and durable walkers that our customers require.”

foot fort


Foot Fort James Sears, Founder “Keeping manufacturing in the U.S. should be our patriotic duty. By creating and keeping jobs in America, you just might be able to employ a disabled American veteran, letting them know there are people who appreciate the sacrifices they made each and every day for the freedoms we all enjoy.”

add a handle


Add-a-Handle Tara Payne Vallin, CEO “While a large part of my decision was to be proactive in supporting working America, as a fiscally responsible small-business owner, I also priced manufacturing overseas, in Mexico, Canada and within the U.S. I was more than pleasantly surprised to find a manufacturer in my home county who could offer the best pricing!”

walker storage rack


Walker Storage Rack Chris Werth, Owner “Werth, LLC, is proud to manufacture in the U.S. because we believe in the grass-roots power of neighbor supporting neighbor. Our communities have greater opportunities to flourish when collective interdependence is prioritized. We value our role in the overarching initiative to develop sustainable local economies.”