Up the Education Ante at Medtrade Spring 2019
New CEUs and networking roundtables offer attendees progressive possibilities
by Kevin Gaffney

Serious providers find themselves at both Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas, and in Atlanta for Medtrade in fall. What brings them is a spirit of dedication. Logistically speaking, it’s a chance to meet in an exciting town and accomplish a lot in a span of three days.

“I love the networking, and the show floor was a great place to see all of our vendors in one place,” said Todd Moschner, SleepMed Therapy Services. Moschner’s sentiments are supported by hundreds of other providers who choose to attend Medtrade Spring, which will be held April 16-18, 2019, at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Unlike previous years, this year’s Medtrade Spring is, in fact, in spring. Sandwiched between Tax Day and Easter, this is an ideal time to evaluate Q1 and re-energize your business.

With competitive bidding sinking its teeth into the industry, attendee Don Dobbins, owner of Heritage HME in Wichita Falls, Texas, said, in 2015, “If HME providers want to stay in business, it’s essential they come to Medtrade Spring.” Four years later, Dobbins is still a regular attendee, and the industry,unfortunately, has not settled into a period of quiet stability.

The competitive bidding program is still around, with an odd twist currently in progress. The much-written-about “gap period” and/or “any willing provider” era is upon us, at least for the next year and a half. Have you considered what it means to your business?

With Medtrade Spring’s mid-April start, attendees will have access to expert panelists, who can offer their perspectives, time, experience, and real advice.

Meanwhile, exhibitors will have the products you need, whether you participate in Medicare or choose a retail environment.

Attendees can expect a few new elements at this year’s show. For example, Medtrade reintroduced continuing education unit (CEU) courses last year in Atlanta, and the classes were 90 percent full. With help from the educational team at Quantum Rehab/Pride Mobility Products Corp, the following CEUs will also be offered:

  • Clinically Speaking: A Practical Guide to Evaluation and Documentation for Power Seat Options
  • The Case for Wheels: Selecting the Clinically Appropriate Base

Also new to Medtrade Spring are The Rise & Retail Breakfast Roundtables. Sponsored by VGM Retail, this breakfast education session will take place on the final day of the show, April 18, from 8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. PST. Attendees will have a chance to share a hearty morning meal together and learn about the keys to a successful retail operation. Attendees will rotate between four roundtables to discuss employee training, marketing, products and merchandising.

Medtrade Spring’s networking events—Stand Up for Homecare Fundraising Event, Power Lunch, Audit Happy Hour, and AAHomecare’s Washington Update—are good opportunities to develop new relationships, partnerships and memberships. Attendees who take part can find real inspiration and potentially bring home some new solutions.


Attendee Fast Facts
  • About 40 of this year’s exhibitors will be first-time exhibitors
  • Seventy percent of attendees register for Expo-Only passes
  • Eighty-seven percent of attendees play a role in product purchasing at their companies
  • There is less than 10 percent overlap in attendees at Medtrade Spring and Medtrade
  • Providers from 45 states are represented
  • The top five states represented are California, Texas, Nevada, Florida and New York.

If you’re on the fence about registering for the show, visit medtrade.com to learn more about the workshops, networking events and educational sessions. Registration is now open on the website and will also be available on-site at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center at the start of the show.

Making the commitment to attend a trade show is no small decision. It requires a great deal of time, money and effort on behalf of serious companies committed to excellence and growth. With this in mind, attendees should take every measure to make their commitment count and look at today’s commitments as part of tomorrow’s strategy. Get out and make the commitment to be among the dedicated at Medtrade Spring to experience the knowledge and enthusiasm of an entire industry in one location. I’ve said it before, but it’s true: Sometimes you must get out of the office to focus fully on your business.