Invacare/Pressure-Reduction Support Cushions

Infinity Series

  • available in the company's ViscoFoam and FloGel, cushions are designed to accommodate personal seating preferences
  • FloGel and ViscoFoam mold to conform to sensitive bony prominences
  • feature pelvic-support layer to redistribute forces away from critical areas, postural support layer with choice of contour for leg positioning, and pre-ischial shelf to control sliding

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Sunrise Medical/Wheelchair Back

Jay Precision Back

  • features adjustable upholstery with folding laterals
  • features tension-adjusting straps in center of back for precise asymmetrical positioning
  • designed to provide ideal contour and lateral stability when combined with Sunrise's Quickie 2 angle-adjustable back post

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Convaid/Positioning Wheelchair

Cruiser Ready

  • folds for transport while keeping positioning accessories in place
  • features head and trunk support and 30-degree fixed-angle seat
  • available in 11-inch, 12-inch, 13-inch, 14-inch, 16-inch and 18-inch models, and with crash-tested transit option

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Varilite/Pressure-Relief Support Cushion


  • air and foam flotation technology designed for people at risk of tissue breakdown who need moderate positioning support
  • features three types of foam that vary in stiffness to relieve pressure and add stability
  • cushion self-inflates; features removable foam wedge to increase seat-to-back angle

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Freedom Designs/Tilt-In-Space Folding Wheelchair

Gizmo Tilt-in-Space

  • folding frame is designed to be lightweight and features 45 degrees of tilt, and swing-away 90- and 75-degree hangers
  • features the company's Hub Lock with multiple engagement-lever frame mounts
  • Hub Lock is available on 12-inch, 16-inch, 18-inch and 24-inch mag wheels

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Leisure-Lift/Power Wheelchair

Scout Boss with Rehab Seat

  • seat adjusts in width, depth and angle; back folds for transport
  • features 20-degree back angle adjustment and elevating legrests
  • features the company's Midi 3/4 drive design with 27-inch turning radius and 28 1/2-inch width

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Sammons Preston/Seating System

Leckey Advance Seating System

  • features floor-to-tabletop, height-adjustable chassis with tilt-in-space function
  • profiled low back adjusts in height to improve shoulder and head positioning; multi-positional lower back can be adjusted in height, angle and depth
  • features split seat base with integral footplates and calf supports to accommodate children with leg-length discrepancies

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Pride Mobility Products/Seat Cushion

Pride Profile Seat Cushion

  • features form-fitting foam and twin-gel layers designed to provide comfort, durability and health maintenance for active users
  • features the company's stretch surface fabric designed to prevent heat buildup, friction and shearing

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Sentech Medical Systems/Alternating-Pressure Seat Cushion

Mobile Air Chair

  • designed to prevent and treat decubitus ulcers
  • features internal, rechargeagle battery that allows a full day's use
  • features 18-inch by 18-inch by 4-inch dimensions, 250-pound weight capacity; available in larger sizes on request

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Gelco/Pressure-Reduction Cushion


  • features a forward slope to promote proper lumbar posture
  • features relieved groove to eliminate soft-tissue pressure and suspend coccyx
  • features in integrated handle, fluid-resistant gel cushion, and foldable and portable design

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Wenzelite/Pediatric Multi-Positioning Stander


  • allows for three standing positions: upright, prone and supine
  • features central pole with tilt mechanism and adjustable footrest, foot restraint, heel cups, knee blocks, curved rigid hip support, lateral and trunk supports, headrest and dining tray
  • adjustable accessories designed to allow for growth, and for use in school and home settings

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Supracor/Contoured Pediatric Cushion


  • features soft top layer fused to bottom layer of flexible aerospace honeycomb
  • designed to relieve pressure, add stability and increase ventilation
  • comes with breathable cover designed to wick away moisture; machine washable and dryer safe

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“We're getting a lot more calls for specialty seating — which is something we've always manufactured — not in a rehab seat necessarily, but also for a person who just wants a better seat. The [seating and positioning] market is growing, and people are catching on that they can get a seat with the proper depth and width, if they just ask.”
— DuWayne Kramer, president, Leisure-Lift, Kansas City, Kan.