Pioneer 5 Scooter

  • features compact design, adjustable seat height and tiller
  • features removable battery pack, rear anti-tippers, onboard charger
  • weighs 90 pounds and has a 250-pound weight capacity

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  • with seat removed, folds to 14 inches tall, 40 inches long and 23 inches wide
  • features a top speed of 4.5 mph; 300-pound weight capacity; enclosed, adjustable tiller
  • features rear-wheel drive; removable, adjustable arm rests

Call 800/882-8183.
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PaceSaver Espree

  • features Leisure-Lift's Soft-Touch adjustable tiller
  • has the Com-For-Back captain's chair, a light and a basket
  • features an on-board charger and a 15-degree incline rating

Call 800/255-0285.
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  • portable
  • features folding seat, folding tiller
  • has accessible battery packs

Call 800/448-5999.
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Amigo Mobility/Pediatric Scooter

RT Express Jr.

  • features compact platform
  • designed for indoor and outdoor use; features all-terrain wheels and sealed drive system
  • accessories include power seat lift and mini-lift

Call 800/821-2710.
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Golden Technologies/Scooter

Golden Companion Scooter Line

  • features three- and four-wheel scooters with numerous upgrades
  • available in three colors and weight capacities of up to 350 pounds
  • designed to allow for easy disassembly

Call 800/624-6374.
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CTM Homecare Products/Scooter


  • features 18.7-inch-wide wheel base for stability during turns
  • features a one-piece battery pack module for easier dissassembly
  • available in burgundy and yellow

Call 866/466-8168.
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No Boundaries/Scooter


  • can be disassembled in less than one minute, without tools
  • can travel up to 20 miles on one charge
  • has maximum speed of 6 mph

Call 800/926-8637.
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Ranger All Season/Scooter

Solo Ltd

  • features aluminum Solo frame with new body design
  • features a take-apart, adjustable tiller, and an on-board charger
  • available in red and blue ABS plastic, with optional taillight

Call 800/225-3811.
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Pride Mobility Products/Scooter

Go-Go Travel Vehicle

  • features top speed of 4 mph, accessible battery pack with automatic connect/disconnect function
  • features 250-pound weight capacity and 32-inch turning radius
  • fits into most car trunks

Call 800/800-8586.
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Shoprider Healthcare/Scooter

Sprinter 889-4 DXD

  • features two captain's seats, dual headlights, hazard lights and turn indicators
  • features open design for more legroom
  • has safety bar for passenger seat

Call 800/743-0772.
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Zoom 3

  • features swivel seat, adjustable arms, 250-pound weight capacity
  • features a 29-inch turning radius
  • 38.5 inches long and 22 inches wide

Call 800/333-6900.
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