Answers from industry experts
by Savanna Gray

Complete AccessResidential Ramp

Complete Access

Nick Vizzare, Partner

What makes your company stand out?
VIZZARE: Complete Access has met the challenges of obstacles and change over the last quarter-century. Complete Access also holds product performance patents on our component connection lock and our single point adjustment.

What difficulties are you hearing from providers and consumers?
VIZZARE: With more patients staying in their home, the need to move to and from transportation has provided Complete Access and others in the ramp industry with a healthy service opportunity.



Cy Corgan, National Sales Manager

What does your company offer in terms of ramps?
CORGAN: EZ-ACCESS offers ramp solutions ranging from simple threshold ramps to convenient portable ramps to modular ramp systems where a larger access challenge is present at the home.

Tell us one way that you plan to stay competitive in 2017.
CORGAN: We recently launched the Pathway 3G. It offers surface selection, a choice of four handrails and three options of powder coating to give the consumer color options other than plain aluminum, and give the dealer a product that works for semi-permanent installations or ramp rentals.

American Access, Inc.Modular Ramps

American Access, Inc.

Taylor Walker, Director of Dealer Development

Tell us about what your company offers to the ramp market.
WALKER: American Access provides a complete line of residential and commercial ramp options. Our ramp product line gives customers a solid surface and open mesh surface option.

What challenges are you hearing about from customers?
WALKER: One of the challenges for the modular ramp market is the lack of options. We addressed that by providing dual-surface options. We also offer powder coating options that present the basic aluminum ramp as a home accent piece.


Jenifer Burke, President

AlumiRampAlumilite Landscape Collection Solid Curb Ramp in Terracotta

How did your company begin in the ramp market?
BURKE: We pioneered a modular aluminum ramp system in 1984, by converting a boat dock into a ramp to meet the needs of a local elementary school. Over the years, we have added a full line of ramps, including portable, wood kit and commercial systems.

How do you plan to stay competitive in 2017?
BURKE: We strive to be the most reliable ramp manufacturer. We will continue to work to improve our products by making them easier to install and offering more options in regards to new finishes.

Access4UStairs and Gate Attached to Modular Platform


Bob Heffernan, President
Chris Demko, Business Manager

What does your company offer in the ramp market?
HEFFERNAN: Access4U started making modular ramps in 2006. The bulk of our sales are modular ramps that are installed at people’s homes. Over the years, the product line has expanded into threshold and solid ramps for the 0- to 1-step market.

How are you planning to stay competitive in 2017?
DEMKO: We are working to keep costs affordable. All of our products are manufactured in the United States.

Prairie View IndustriesPVI Ramp

Prairie View Industries

Fred Jensen, Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Tell us about your place in the ramp market.
JENSEN: Prairie View Industries (PVI) and our 100+ employee partners have been manufacturing solid, folding and modular ramps for more than 25 years. Our products are 100 percent made in the U.S.

How are you keeping up with trends in the home health/HME industries?
JENSEN: We’ve seen time and time again that living in our homes as long as possible offers big cost savings. Our focus remains on offering the broadest line of ramping in the industry to help facilitate cost-saving aging in place. PVI is the only major manufacturer that customizes folding ramps.

Pride Mobility ProductsRubber Threshold Ramp

Pride Mobility Products

Micah Swick, National Sales Director

What ramp products does your company offer?
SWICK: Pride Lifts and Ramps is dedicated to producing threshold ramps. The modularity and set-in-place installation of our Rubber Threshold Ramps provide a durable, safe means of navigating uneven household surfaces including small steps and doorways.

What challenges do you hear about from providers and consumers?
SWICK: Both groups are seeking cost-effective, easily-installed ramp solutions. Pride’s Rubber Threshold Ramps feature a hidden dovetail locking system that allows for easy installation and incremental ramp height adjustment of up to 4 inches.

TJ Rampit USA Inc.Home Ramp

TJ Rampit USA Inc.

Cody Herendeen, CEO
Leo Carrion, Sales and Marketing Manager

What changes have you seen in the industry, and how are you adjusting for these changes?
CARRION: We have seen an increase in requests for custom-size ramps. We offer our eco-friendly wooden ramp line; a reprocessed, all-aluminum ramp line and new aluminum ramp line; and our portable ramp product line.

Will we see anything new from your company this year?
HERENDEEN: We are introducing our dis-Ability work products to help our customers stay active in their professional fields. This will assist a larger part of the community, along with their accessibility needs.