How your company's payment structure and benefits compare with other providers
by Stephanie Gibson and Jennifer Cox

During the past several months, we asked home medical equipment providers to participate in our annual Salary Survey. The results on the following pages will give you a general idea of how your company stacks up against others across the country. As the health care industry continues to change, many are finding that traditional business models must transition as well, giving more consideration to compensation structure and product lines. Our compilation of data—based on responses from you and other business owners like you—breaks down this part of the HME industry by the numbers.

Which common employee benefits do you provide (either fully or partially paid by company)
Do you plan to discontinue any of these benefits in 2015?
During the past 12 months, has your company

"A pay-for-performance compensation model for every employee helps build a winning culture of excellence and attracts top talent." -Mike Sperduti, president and CEO, The Mike Sperduti Companies

Have you laid off staff in the past 12 months
Have you added staff in the past 12 months
How will your staffing change in 2015
How many employees do you have
If employees have left in the past year, have you
Do you employ specialized retail sales staff
If industry conditions don't improve, you plan to
If you receive a salary, please list your annual salary by the job that best describes your position
If you receive a per-hour wage, please list your average hourly wage by the job title that best describes your position