Industry Trailblazer Selected for 2016 Woman of the Year Award
Individual Perspectives
by Mike McGill

On Tuesday, November 1, during a special presentation at Medtrade in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Kirsten Davin was recognized as the inaugural recipient of the HME Woman of the Year award. She was one of four finalists (out of 37 nominees) selected to travel to Atlanta for the award presentation.

“It is a great honor that someone like me is recognized,” said Davin, president of Precision Seating Solutions. “A younger woman, 37 years old from a small town, via a grassroots method built a company that now has global distribution. The fact that we’re recognized for that is amazing.”

Dr. Kirsten DavinDr. Kirsten Davin

The award was created by VGM Group, Inc. and was open to all women who work in the HME industry. Criteria included paving new ways of innovation and new business processes, advocacy, improving the lives of patients and making lifelong impressions on her community.

“The purpose of the award is to not only highlight existing leaders like Kirsten, but also to inspire action and mentorship to grow the HME architects of tomorrow,” said Mike Mallaro, CEO of the VGM Group, Inc. “Thank you, Dr. Davin, for being a trailblazer in our industry.”

Davin is the founder, co-owner and president of Precision Seating Solutions, manufacturer of the PS 256 pressure mapping system. She is also a licensed occupational therapist, certified assistive technology professional, seating mobility specialist, author, speaker, educator, volunteer firefighter and mother.

Her experience in serving patients led her to recognize a need for facilities, caregivers, equipment providers and end users to have access to cost-effective pressure mapping to prevent or eliminate pressure-related wounds. Her tireless work led to the development of a patented pressure mapping system to benefit an entire population of patients.

Improving the lives of others is further exemplified with her volunteer efforts. For the past sixteen years, she has served as a volunteer firefighter, EMT and medical training officer for the Pleasant Plains Fire Department in her hometown of Pleasant Plains, Illinois. She currently serves as captain for the 24-member department and will become deputy chief in 2017.

“Dr. Davin is a born leader, who inspires those around her to be better, to work harder, achieve goals and create the outcomes they strive for,” wrote Robert Schafer, Fire Chief of Pleasant Plains Fire Department, in his nomination for Davin. “She uses her platform to help those less fortunate, to encourage those who are just starting out and to educate therapists, caregivers, equipment providers and individuals from all walks of life to be the best they can be in every arena.”

Whether she’s fighting fires or fighting for patients’ access to affordable assistive devices, Davin is a trailblazer whose out-of-the-box approach to providing solutions for her community and the industry will certainly leave a lasting impression. Congratulations, Dr. Davin.