salary survey
A look at the industry's trends & changes
by HomeCare Editors

2020 was one for the record books. For home health agencies (HHAs), the year started with an overhaul to the payment system in the form of the Patient Driven Groupings Model. Home medical equipment providers (HME) were gearing up to place their bids in Round 2021 of the competitive bidding program.

Then the world stopped.

The COVID-19 pandemic had cities and states scrambling for scarce personal protective equipment for hospitals. People were ordered to stay home to limit community spread and “flatten the curve.” In the midst of the chaos, home health and HME leaders were largely left out of regulatory discussions, even as they stepped up to the plate to provide care and resources.

HomeCare’s 2020 Salary & Benefits Survey closed before the extent of the novel coronavirus in the United States was clear. By the time we posted the results, we knew that much of what we had learned would change dramatically as providers faced the challenges that came with COVID-19.

So this year, we asked what changed during the pandemic. Many organizations added staff to keep up with increased demands for care at home and respiratory support. Others went the opposite direction, laying people off due to reduced revenue.

In the following pages we take a look at the staffing and salary trends in the homecare industry. While a lot has changed during 2020, much has remained the same. Few companies have chosen to cut benefits, and many providers received raises for their performance. We hope this report helps you see how your agency compares to others like you.

Note: Some charts may add up to less than 100 due to rounding. Others total above 100 because respondents chose more than one option.

HME Results

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Home Health Results

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