90% of seniors believe companionship leads to a longer life but are cautious to use online matchmaking

While Valentine’s Day brings out the romance for all ages, and 90 percent of seniors agree that companionship leads to a rich and longer life, many seniors are reluctant to use online matchmaking sites due to privacy and security concerns. Bask Technology, Inc., a provider of managed tech services for seniors, recently conducted a survey that also found that a lack of technology know-how limits seniors’ use of digital devices and online communication tools to connect with loved ones, family and friends.

Findings from an online survey of more than 200 current Bask members included: 

  • 90 percent think having a companion helps people live longer, and 86 percent think having a companion helps people to age in place (stay in home) longer 
  • 82 percent would not use online dating because of online privacy or security concerns
  • 49 percent would consider a video call from a loved one a romantic or loving gesture, yet 63 percent do not know how to make a video call
  • 31 percent would swap their Valentine's Day dinner plans for a technology gift

Continue reading this article here. Find Bask Technology's infographic and additional survey responses at this link.