When evaluating an HR system, companies without in-house support may want to access outside expertise
by Richard Davis

When evaluating an HR system, making the right technology oriented decision is crucial. Ten questions to ask in sorting out your options:

  1. If a company already has a payroll system, will a new HR system integrate with different modules?
  2. Is there a desire to automate the performance management process and have performance reviews within the system?
  3. Does this system provide workflows that make compliance easier?
  4. Does the system alert HR when a respiratory license is expiring soon, and enable us to alert the employee and manager of the upcoming expiration?
  5. What manual steps of timekeeping, time-off tracking and payroll can be eliminated by the solutions being offered?
  6. Does the Applicant Tracking System allow company branding and a seamless transition from the company website to job postings?
  7. Is there a demo option that allows the company to walk an employee through the entire process, from recruiting to annual performance review and all the features the system offers?
  8. Does the system integrate with wellness and learning programs?
  9. What technical support and resources are provided?
  10. How often can we expect major software or version updates?

There are primarily three basic HR solution types: subscription service solutions, licenses/purchase solutions and licensed/hosted solutions. Which one is best depends on your company’s in-house technology and IT capabilities. Put simply, would you rather own it, license it, or neither, and simply pay per employee?

PC Magazine rated the best human resource management software of 2017 based on the following features: applicant tracking, benefits administration, payroll, performance reviews, scheduling, time and attendance and time-off tracking. The rating also included whether a system had an app for iOS or Android for employee self-service.

Software systems and the requirements of running them effectively can be hard to understand. Companies without in-house IT support may want to access outside expertise.

Find the right 21st century HR system for your company with this handy guide.