AAHomecare team provides resource for insurance providers, congressional advocacy.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (November 8, 2017)—AAHomecare’s Complex Rehab and Mobility Council (CRMC) has developed a new white paper that clearly explains the differences between complex rehab technology (CRT) and standard mobility products.

“Many outside the industry don’t understand the fundamental differences between the two categories, so the white paper was created to aid in highlighting the differences,” notes CRMC Chair Nancy Froslie, ATP, manager, district store operations for Sanford HealthCare Accessories. “This educational piece can be used as talking points when speaking to congressional members, insurance companies and beneficiaries in an effort to show the importance of creating a separate benefit for CRT and also to explain why CRT and CRT accessories should be exempt from competitive bidding.”

The white paper is the result of months of work by the CRMC to produce a comprehensive but easy-to-understand resource that clearly describes the products themselves as well as the clinical/personnel involvement required in each category. By highlighting the attributes and functionality of the different types of mobility products, the white paper clarifies the distinctive and valuable roles played by both standard mobility and CRT. Pictures of the different products and their accessories are also included in the three-page white paper.

CRMC member Jennifer Sylvester, customer service manager for Health Aid of Ohio, Inc., shared her perspectives on the project, as well:

“Educating a policy maker or payer on the differences is no easy task, and our hopes for the white paper was to create a document that someone on every level can understand. My company has provided mobility equipment to customers as young as two years old, often supplying that same customer a CRT wheelchair to be used years later, on their first day in the workforce. We are keeping customers and beneficiaries independent for the long term, improving quality of life and providing a cost savings to payers by doing so.”

See the white paper here. Contact Ashley Plauché at ashleyp@aahomecare.org for more information about the white paper and the work of the CRMC Council.

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