MIRAMAR, Fla. (May 20, 2020)—Vohra Wound Physicians, a wound care physician group, announced the launch of its new Vohra@Home Patient Care Program, introducing telehealth wound care service to patients who are managing their wounds at home. Since mid-March, Vohra’s telemedicine encounters for patients in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities have increased by more than 8,000%, demonstrating the receptivity and strong demand for real-time video consultations.
Through Vohra@Home, patients can now readily access physician consultations to diagnose and provide treatment recommendations for all types of wounds. This includes, but is not limited to, commonly occurring pressure ulcers, diabetic foot wounds and venous ulcers.
“We are proud to introduce our new telemedicine patient care program for patients at home to improve the continuity of care, demonstrably increase the quality of wound care, accelerate healing time, and reduce the risk of hospitalization and infection. Patients can receive care support when they need it in the comfort and security of their home,” said John Sory, president of Vohra Wound Physicians. “Our goal is to collaborate with skilled nursing facilities and hospitals to treat patients upon discharge, often in collaboration with home health agencies who are actively caring for acute and chronic wounds in the home setting.”
Since 2000, Vohra Wound Physicians has remained ahead of the curve in its industry, in multiple ways. More than seven years ago, the company implemented telemedicine to expand the reach of high-quality wound care for Medicare patients in rural areas with limited healthcare access. In the COVID-19 period, certain regulations have been lifted and telemedicine has been expanded as consumers’ comfort with two-way video consultations has thrived.  With more than six million Americans suffering from non-healing wounds, Vohra recognized the need to eliminate barriers to patient access by providing flexibility, convenience and real-time care for patients. 
"In the wake of COVID-19, it is more critical now than ever to offer a simple and easy-to-use option to connect people with the care they need," said Dr. Shark Bird, Vohra’s Chief Medical Officer. "Remaining at the forefront of medical innovation and delivering results to our patient population continue to be our top priorities. In addition to providing our high-quality, specialist-led wound care services at the bedside in combination with our telemedicine services, Vohra has augmented care with expedited, physician-recommended delivery of wound dressings, supplemented with online nurse education.”
The Vohra@Home telemedicine program provides easy access to the company’s roster of 300-plus highly skilled specialists. Patients, caregivers, discharge planners and nurses in 27 states can schedule a visit by simply calling the company’s central office or reaching the group online for initial or follow-up appointments.
Visit vohraphysicians.com for more information.