WATERLOO, IOWA, (February 4, 2016)—VGM & Associates has launched the 2016 HME Business Playbook, a 26-page resource created specifically for the HME industry.  

The playbook includes innovative ideas and strategies to both grow and adapt to the new age of HME products and services, all while providing guidance for providers and vendors alike to develop their own game plan.

Topics featured in the HME Business Playbook include market and health care trends, new business and revenue opportunities, strengthening core business operations and product life-cycle economics.

In response to CMS encroaching on HME business with expanded reimbursement cuts, three versions of the playbook were created to cater to the various regions impacted by competitive bidding. Providers located in the original metropolitan bidding areas, rural and micropolitan non-bidding areas can enter their zip code to download the playbook formulated for their specific region.  

“This resource is truly a game-changer for our industry,” said Clint Geffert, president of VGM & Associates. “Similar to sports, in business you need to research ways to take advantage of the match-up or situation to have success. The playbook details strategic ways for providers to develop their own game plan to succeed in 2016.”

Geffert mentioned that the next step for VGM will be to huddle his team to create micro playbooks that will be released each quarter. The quarterly playbooks will feature in-depth education on cybersecurity, health care retail, home modifications and business analytics.

“The landscape for HME has and will continue to change,” said Geffert, “and that’s precisely why our team of experts works relentlessly to develop programs to take on and assist our members with their toughest business challenges.”

VGM is offering the 2016 HME Business Playbook free to the entire HME industry, including non-members. Visit playbook.vgm.com to download.