WATERLOO, Iowa (September 20,2016)—VGM & Associates announced today that the second installment of its series of HME Business Playbooks is available to download.

The playbook, “Analyzing Business Operations,” was developed to assist the HME business owner or supervisor in managing people, processes and technology to foster a more efficiently operated business.   

“The focus on this version of the playbook is to offer advice on how to analyze business operations to work more efficiently,” said Clint Geffert, president of VGM & Associates. “The goal is to provide solutions to providers so they can better position themselves for an industry in transition.”    

Geffert mentioned that both in-house and external subject matter experts were called on to contribute to the content of the playbook. External contributors included Andrea Ewert, Home Oxygen Co.; Chris Calderone, Lean Homecare Consulting Group; and Miriam Lieber of Lieber Consulting. 

“Our team did a great job calling on industry experts to assist in developing beneficial information presented in a user-friendly format,” said Geffert. “The content can help providers develop their second-half strategy for operating leaner.” 

The series began in March with the release of the 2016 HME Business Playbook. More than 600 businesses downloaded the first edition, and Geffert anticipates that number will be exceeded by the latest in the series.  

“The current business climate requires providers to search, develop and implement efficient business processes, and by downloading this valuable resource, they can reduce profit-consuming waste and improve their bottom line.”  

VGM is offering the 2016 HME Business Playbook free to the entire HME industry, including nonmembers. Visit playbook.vgm.com to download.      

Visit vgm.com for more information.