Agreement enables integration of wound care products, services & electronic health records

BELLEVUE, Washington—DoctorNow and Venture Medical, LLC Have entered into a national agreement to support wound care providers and patient outcomes by streamlining electronic health care records processes while also improving the efficiency of the supply chain of wound products.

By combining Venture Medical's wound-care solutions and regenerative therapies with DoctorNow's post-acute wound electronic health records solution, providers will have increased visibility, simplicity and tracking which will bring cost savings, process improvements and, ultimately, improved patient outcomes.

"We are very excited to partner with Venture Medical to bridge the gap between providers working with patients, electronic health records, products and services to improve patient outcomes," said Kashif Saeed, CEO and founder of DoctorNow. "This is the first step in a strategic partnership to push the boundaries of what is possible for wound care."

"Venture Medical is proud to partner with DocNow in what we expect to be a significant reduction in the time required by busy providers for their daily documentation quality assurance," said John Schroeder, Venture Medical president. "With the many potential points of failure in complying with insurance and complex payor documentation requirements, even the most diligent of providers struggle with ensuring that the information is adequate to obtain appropriate reimbursement. The combination of the Venture1View portal and DocNow's platform are together designed to reduce errors and effort significantly, allowing providers to focus on what matters most: patient care."