SAN DIEGO (March 26, 2019)—Triple W, a provider of connected health devices, announced its partnership with the National Association for Continence (NAFC) to educate patients, caregivers and professionals about urinary incontinence and promote bladder health. According to NAFC, more than 25 million Americans experience bladder leakage every day. Incontinence can affect seniors, individuals with disabilities, new mothers, youth and children.

Triple W, developer of DFree, a health wearable device for urinary incontinence, is a featured partner of the NAFC, the leading incontinence advocacy organization in the United States. Triple W and NAFC are collaborating on blog posts, co-marketing promotions and social media to educate people experiencing a loss of bladder control and caregivers about types of incontinence and how to manage this condition. NAFC was the first organization in the U.S. to focus specifically on the challenges of people who need bladder support.

DFree uses ultrasound technology to monitor bladder fullness and notifies you on your smartphone or tablet when it’s time to go to the bathroom via the DFree companion app. DFree helps to prevent accidental urinary leaks. People who need to manage a loss of bladder control now have an alternative to disposable diapers or pads and medications with the DFree health wearable device. DFree stands for diaper-free. DFree is designed not only to help people with urinary incontinence improve their quality of life and enable independence, but also to help reduce the burden for the caregivers.

“Our organization is continuously looking for new ways to help people manage the challenges of incontinence and increase their understanding of bladder health,” said Steven G. Gregg, Ph.D., executive director, National Association for Continence. “Triple W’s dedication to technological innovation with a new way of tackling this age-old condition fit our mission to help make lives easier.”

“The NAFC is a valuable resource for anyone with urinary incontinence to learn more about the condition and how to best manage it,” said Ty Takayanagi, vice president of marketing for Triple W. “Through our partnership with NAFC, we hope to inform customers that our product can be a solution for people suffering with specific types of incontinence in order to maintain independence and live an active daily life.”

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